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Our Company

We are a dynamic global online education provider specializing in school searches and academic management with related services.

Since 1992, POST12 collected data from the world-renowned colleges from US to world colleges in different countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Britain, France, India, Germany, and more. While working with students and parents and in schools offline or face-to-face meetings, we found ourselves the limitation by offering our services to the only privileged. Since then, we have decided to take it up to the global level via World-Wide-Web.

After the near two decades of work and with the advancement of technology and development in Internet, we were finally able to offer the following services to the students all around the world.

Over the years, students and parents ask the same question: I know the college name but what other colleges are there? Basically, an average student does not know more than 1% of all US colleges and world colleges. In US alone, there are about 4,000 colleges. Even as school counselors, independent counselors, or experts, it would be an unrealistic challenge to distinguish and know each college by weather, curriculum, dorm, majors, and more. Therefore, finding whatever/whenever you need to know about the college your choice can be easily found at POST12 at no cost. Also, if you want to know more about the college, you can certainly learn via our technology platform by finding and talking to someone of your choice.

So, find your school!

For an average student or parent, it is hard to figure out which college best suits him/her. So, students just type in tag words such as "top schools" then he/she will get a list of results. If they like, they also can type in "lowest admission," then the list will show.

l. US College Video Search with Admission Status and Facts
2. Boarding School Search with
3. English for Second Language (ESL) Search
4. Graduate School Search
5. Pharmacy
6. Law
7. MBA
8. Medical Schools
9. Jobs
10. Majors
... More to come

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